Home education snapshots: April to June

​​We’ve put together snapshots of our activity over the last three months, including the start of our 2018 review program.

These snapshots provide insight into how we're tracking assessing and reviewing home schooling registrations.

Registrations301 applied, 1 in 5 initially incomplete, 9 days to notify about incomplete applications. 18 applications pending, 274 registrations, 9 applications refused. 7 days to notify about registration or refusal.

We received significantly more applications this quarter, and significantly fewer were initially incomplete. Registration was refused to nine applicants, most commonly because:

  • learning plans did not demonstrate that the eight learning areas would be substantially addressed; or
  • the applicant did not resolve issues after being notified that their application was incomplete.

Incomplete applications might have missing attachments, errors on the application form, or learning plans with insufficient detail.

We took more time to notify applicants this quarter, as we received more applications and started our review program.

Learning area exemptions
36 applications, 31 granted, 5 pending or withdrawn

Most exemption applications were due to a child’s special needs. Other reasons included:

  • irrelevance of a learning area for the child’s study or career goals
  • learning difficulties that require targeted support.
We did not refuse any exemption applications. For more information about exemptions, see:

357 families selected for review, 34 reviews completed, 8 face-to-face reviews, 18 desktop and 8 phone.

In March we randomly selected and notified 10 per cent of families for review.

At the close of the reporting period, we had completed 34 reviews, none of which have resulted in registration cancellations.

​For more information about the review process, see: ​

To download this and last quarter’s home schooling report, see: