Step 1: The application form

What you need to know

T​he information on this page will help you submit ​a complete and correct application the first time so you can get going with your child's educational program.

​​This page is available as an information sheet. To download a copy, see:

To apply, fill out the application form:

 ​​​Completing the application form​

​Part A: Applicant Information — information about the parent or guardian​​

  • Add your personal information in this section, not your child's.
  • Applicants must be the c​hild's parent or authorised guardian.
  • Only one applicant is required under the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017. A second parent may be included if you wish. We can only discuss the application with the applicants listed on the application form.
  • We require a Victorian residential address for all applications.
  • Providing a telephone number and email address is optional.
    Note: email is our preferred method of communication and allows a faster notification process.

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Part B: Child Information — information about the child(ren) you are registering

  • Add the details of the child(ren) you are applying to register.
  • Up to 3 children can be listed on an application form. Additional children will require a separate form.
  • You must provide evidence for each child's date of birth from the options listed on the application form. This is mandated by the Regulations.
  • Evidence that you have parental responsibility of the child can be any official document with your name and the child's name and recognising you as a parent of the child.
  • A birth certificate is acceptable evidence for both requirements.
  • The name on the evidence of parental responsibility must match the name in Part A. If you have changed your name, we require additional documentation to establish a connection (for example, a marriage certificate, change of name certificate).
  • Question 2.8 is about court orders.
    If your family has court orders in place, you must provide a copy wit​​h your application. If the court orders establish equal shared parental responsibility, both parents must consent to the child(ren) being registered for home schooling. You can show consent by having both parents on the application form or by including a letter of consent from the other parent.
    If there are no court orders for the child, mark No and move to the next section.

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Part C: Learning Information

  • You must include a learning plan for each child on the application form.
  • Our templates help you develop a learning plan. They prompt you to provide all the necessary information. Using these templates is optional.
  • For more information about completing a learning plan, see:
  • Exemptions are available if your child will not receive any instruction in a learning area(s). To apply for an exemption, list the learning area(s) in section 3.4 of the application form and explain why it would be unreasonable for your child to receive instruction in that learning area.
    • Do not provide content for these learning areas in your learning plan.
    • Do not provide medical evidence or records as part of this exemption application.
  • For more information about exemptions, see:
  • Part D: Declaration

  • Each applicant in Part A must complete the declaration.
  • The declaration must be hand-signed (not typed).