Calculate VET fees

W​e have developed 3 spreadsheets to help applicants and registered training organisations calculate their estimated fees.

Step 1

Download the relevant spreadsheet:

When you open the file, you may need to select 'Enable Editing' and 'Enable Content' to allow the spreadsheet to work properly.

Step 2

Enter your data into the yellow cells and watch the result automatically appear in the amount column of the calculator.

Step 3

To re-calculate, scroll to the bottom of the page and press New query.

Disclaimer: the results using this calculator are indicative only and are not a guarantee of the fees to be charged. The estimate is based on the information you provide in this tool. If the information you provide is incorrect, the estimate will also be incorrect. The VRQA will determine your actual fees in accordance with applicable fees fixed by Ministerial Order 615 once your application has been lodged.