Complaints statistics

​We investigate complaints relating to organisations within our jurisdiction. This includes schools and home schooling, VET providers, registered training organisations (RTOs), and organisations that provide school education, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Complaints about schools usually relate to:

  • compliance with the minimum standards for care
  • safety and welfare of students
  • enrolment and student learning.

Complaints about apprenticeships and traineeships usually relate to:

  • training
  • supervision
  • scope of work
  • premises
  • equipment available.

Statistics about the complaints we receive through our enquiries phone line, referral, post, email and online complaints submission form are reported here. 

The main gateway for employers, apprentices and trainees, and related stakeholders to raise issues with us is through our dedicated apprenticeship administration call centre and field services. Statistics about employer, apprentice and trainee related issues and investigations are available in our annual reports.

2021–2022 complaints

Source of complaints

In the 2021–22 financial year reporting period we received 2979 enquires:

  • 1347 by phone
  • 25 by referral
  • 7 by post
  • 1128 by email 
  • 472 though our online form. 

Complaints as a percentage of enquiries

Of the enquiries we received in the 2021–22 financial year 231 were complaints

Enquiries (total contacts)
Complaints as a percentage of enquiries 7.75%

Complaints within our jurisdiction

Of the 231 complaints received 32.5% or 75 were in our jurisdiction.

Complaints over time

The number of in-jurisdiction complaints per quarter has remained within a steady range since 2018, with a slight increase in the second quarter of 2022.

Number of complaints over time

Plotted line graph showing the number of complaints from 2018 to mid 2022 where it shows increases and decreases in the number of complaints in and out of jurisdiction and total of all complaints

Download graph data (docx - 805.7kb)