Registered training organisation statistics

RTOs by regulator

All registered training organisations (RTOs) operating in Victoria are registered with the VRQA or with the Commonwealth regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

There were 917 RTOs with head offices based in Victoria at 30 June 2020.

Of the 917 RTOs, 193 were registered with the VRQA and the remaining number were with ASQA. RTOs operating in Victoria but with head offices based in other states are not included in this data.

RTOs may choose to register with ASQA because it allows them to deliver training nationally, not just within Victoria or Western Australia. ASQA registration also allows RTOs to deliver training to international students.

Chart 1: Victorian RTOs by regulator

Donut chart showing that most RTOs in Victoria in 2020 are registered with ASQA.

Victorian RTOs by type and regulator

Three quarters of RTOs based in Victoria are education or training centres where apprentices and trainees might go to learn trades such as carpentry, cookery or hairdressing.

The second largest group is community-based adult education providers, which may offer qualifications to help students find new employment, including mature-age students.

The third largest group is industry or professional organisations, for example a real estate industry body or electrical industry training group.

TAFEs and universities (with TAFE divisions) constitute just 2% of total RTOs but have a much larger proportion of enrolments. This is typically due to their size and the breadth of courses they offer.

Chart 2: Victorian RTOs by type and regulator

Bar graph showing that the overwhelming majority of Victorian RTOs, and particulatly ASAQ-registered RTOs, are education/training businesses and centres. Most Victorian adult education providers and schools registered as RTOs are registered with the VRQA. All Victorian TAFEs and universities registered as RTOs are registered with ASQA.

Trends in RTO numbers

There has been a recent decrease in the overall number of RTOs with head offices in Victoria.

VRQA registrations have been decreasing since 2011. This is partly due to some RTOs transferring their registration to ASQA. There has also been a reduction in ASQA registrations in recent years.

Chart 3: Trends in Victorian RTO numbers

Stacked bar chart showing that as VRQA-registered RTOs declined since 2011, ASQA-registered Victorian RTOs increased. However, ASQA-registered RTOs began to decrease in 2019, and the overall number of Victorian RTOs has fallen below 1000.

RTOs by state or territory

There were 4030 RTOs across Australia in 2020. Victoria has the third-largest number of RTOs after Queensland and New South Wales.

Chart 4: RTO numbers by state or territory

Bar chart showing that more RTOs are in Victoria than in Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and the Northern Territory combined.

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